Market Systems Technology, Inc

2000 - 2009

Principle Software Architect/Lead Developer/Owner

  • Strategic design, implementation and management of high performance and extreme low latency solutions for several key Stock Exchanges based in the US and in Europe.
  • Reported directly to firm ownership
  • Managed the training and development of staff members to develop their skills and maintain state of the art knowledge in their of area responsibility.
  • Acted creatively to facilitate complex business and technical needs, develops complex action plans and strategies, analyzes the impact of decisions, and mentored others through the solution process.
  • Manage infrastructure architecture related services by using knowledge of firm standards to determine appropriate infrastructure architecture, and reviewing infrastructure operations project schedule, budget variance, and operational issue status reports.
  • Oversaw complete reengineering of MST products to an open architecture based upon open source solutions.
  • Negotiation of contracts and Service Level Agreements with vendors in the areas of procurement, telecommunications, supply, service and support.
  • Conceptualize, design, develop and maintain $4M Index Calculation System used by the American Stock Exchange
  • Build and maintains productive relationships with a wide range of clients within international and area business units.

Hardware / Operating System

Stratus Technologies, Linux on 64-bit ftserver
Hewlerd Packard, HPUX on 64-bit Itanium based systems
Various vendors, Red Hat Linux on 64-bit Intel based systems__


Programming languages

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java - Eclipse RCP
  • PL/1 - interfaces to new services


  • Market Data Network (MDN) - low latency messaging system that directly competed in functionality and speed against Tibco Rendezvous, Wombat Mamda, and 29 Wests LBM
  • Market Access - high speed market data system with direct connectivity to all US market centers

Company Background

Market Systems Technology, Inc., formerly a division of Dow Jones and Co., has been a premium provider of ticker plant solutions for the financial services industry using the Stratus Technologies platform.


Suite 1520
99 Summer Street
Boston MA 02110
United States

Phone: +16177378530