Dow Jones Telerate, Inc.

1992 - 1998

Developer, Project Manager, Enterprise Architect

Brought into Telerate to rebuild its technological capabilities, where the aim was to use this technology to compete against market dominant Reuters. Here my role was initially as a analyst/developer but evolved into working with cross functional teams and managing client projects in a fast-paced environment. This involved working for months at time in European financial centers in Zurich, Milan, Paris and Frankfurt.

  • Prepare project plans, estimates, and specifications for the development and maintenance of financial datafeed processing system, written in PL/1 and C under VOS 13.3.1 running on Stratus Continuum hardware.

  • Project management, including development of input feed handlers to interpret data messages from exchanges throughout the world, convert these into internal format messages, and send to a central database.

  • Systems Administration; including routine maintenance, disaster recovery, upgrades, installation of new hardware and software.

  • Writing current session storage process, maintaining tic data received throughout the day, utilizing database caching techniques and data compression.

  • Analysis and design of Dow Jones Data Management System using the application of an object-oriented methodology (Booch Method) and Rational Rose.

  • Planning and implementation of changes for the introduction of the Euro currency.

  • Planning and analysis for Y2K compliance

  • Interviewed new candidates for various roles.

Hardware / Operating System

  • Stratus Computing VOS on 32-bit Continuum platform
  • SUN Microsystems SunOS on SPARC station 10


  • PL/1
  • C
  • CLM
  • C++

Company Background

Dow Jones Telerate, Inc., is a leading purveyor of information concerning the financial industry to customers around the world.


Winchmore House
15 Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1BR
United Kingdom

Phone: +441718329000