UBS Phillips & Drew

1988 - 1989

A paid internship over 12 months that allowed me join the UBS rotation program to try out a variety of roles where I gained a wide range of experience, and explored multiple opportunities. Started at a Bond trading desk as a junior using Excel and then due to my success was moved to extending a Bonds Analysis system (called Bonds Gemini) used by Bond dealers to provided real-time update of positions and limits so as to allow accurate risk monitoring.

Hardware / Operating System

Data General AOS/VS on 32-bit Eclipse MV


  • PL/1
  • C
  • CLI

Company Background

UBS Phillips & Drew was a large stockbroking partnership that held a leading share of the UK gilts and fixed-interest markets, it was the country’s largest broker in convertible stocks and the largest asset manager among UK brokers.


100 Liverpool Street
London EC2M 2RH
United Kingdom

Phone: +442075678000