Market data

DXC Fixnetix

Acquired by Fixnetix to develop a ultra low-latency market data feed fully managed solution across European Capital markets. Here I developed a number of new products like iX-MAX that allowed Fixnetix to remove all dependencies third-party products like Reuters RMDS and Wombat Data fabric. These products provided better latency, fail-over capabilities, resiliency, caching and distribution across sties that clients required. Additionally, pushed DevOps as service philosophy into all products that have allowed clients to monitor their SLA’s in real-time.

Dow Jones Telerate, Inc.

Built from scratch the European Market Data system to rival Reuters that provided the aggregation, distribution and transaction services to suppliers and users of capital markets content and liquidity. The objective of this project was to move Dow Jones Telerate from its paged based delivery of prices to a digital (fid) based market data feed.

Market Systems Technology, Inc

Joined Market Systems Technology as a partner to evolve the existing technology stack away from proprietary hardware technologies to more cost-effective commoditized stack. Here performance engineering practices and were applied to the business, operations, development, testing and end users to create a new distributed Market data system written in ANSI C that was installed on the trading floors of the Pacific Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange.